Thank You Cancer For The Lessons But You Can Leave Now

Cancer doesn't deserve us but the lessons it teaches us can make us better children, parents, and spouses. Let's get rid of the cancer and heed the lessons learned.

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When you are loved, you stick to your obligations


 Obligations To The Outside World In February, I started reflecting on the past year of my life. A huge chapter began for me in February 2013 when I moved across the country. My brother went on hospice during my road trip and he passed away five days after my arrival. All things considered, I can’t […]

the bird and its shadow caught together


I wrote down ideas for Thankful Tuesdays in my planner. Today is coincidences.  I don’t look for them in my life but I know I used to have a lot more in California compared to North Carolina. They bring people closer through conversation. My own definition of a coincidence is “You learn something new everyday.” […]