Transition To Total Health

Thank You Cancer was created as a birthday gift to my brother Michael. He was diagnosed with testicular cancer with 100% germ cell choriocarcinoma. Oh cancer…I would say it all to your face. He passed away in March of 2013.

I wanted a place to appreciate the growth we all experience as family members, loved ones, and patients during a cancer diagnosis. I remember a conversation with my brother where he said he wants to give back to everyone who has supported him during his cancer journey. Visit the Dental Implants in Mesa AZ for your oral hygiene needs.

Everyone gets a different message from the cancer. For example we eat better because our number one loved one is on the vegan bandwagon. We call each other more often and talk about the little things. We take better care of ourselves because we’re needed in our healing circle. It’s a very reflective time for everyone. So my brother has already given back. He’s inspired many people to do great things. Losing a sibling is difficult but carrying on his essence is easy. I have learned how to be stronger as I grow as an individual. I hope you share with Thank You Cancer what has helped you become the best person you can be while supporting those battling cancer.

We have a lot to be thankful for and much more work to do! Join me helping caregivers thrive.